2015.05.31 – Suwon Triathlon

Suwon Triathlon – Olympic Course

My first triathlon competition! I always dreamed of competing in a triathlon race, so I originally planned for a year to get in shape. But one day, I was like ‘what the hell, click, click’ and signed up for a race that occurred a month later. It was a bold move for me to jump right into a competition without enough preparation, but it was a rewarding experience after all.


D-1 – Final Preparation

Suwon Triathlon took place at Kwangkyo Lake Park (광교 호수공원). I went there the day before the race to get registered. I got my number, which was #706, parked my bike in the transition area, and nervously took a walk around the course.


I arrived at the place about an hour prior to the race, and got myself ready. I put on my wet-suit and began stretching.


As the horn went off, everyone dived in and started swimming like crazy. With hundreds of people swimming next to me, I got smacked in the face and grabbed on my foot. It was chaotic! Also the water was quite murky, which obscured my sight pretty badly. I tried to keep my pace as best as possible. 1.5km of swimming felt like forever!



Next was 40km of cycling. The road was safely guarded by hundreds of police officers and volunteers. It felt really nice to build up a fast pace without having to worry about cars and pedestrians. But boy, the other people were riding their bikes like rockets. I realized that I needed to work on cycling the most if I was going for another triathlon race.



With my legs all burned up from cycling, I had 10kms of running left. Yay! Yes, it was painful. Every step I took, I was thinking about giving up. I was hungry, thirsty, and all cramped up. I kinda regretted how I was too audacious to try this without getting into shape. But in the meantime time was passing, and my legs were moving like an oil-less machine. I stopped thinking for the last kilometer, and just ran.

D-Day – Finish Line


Finally I crossed the finish line. I thought I was going to be bursting out happiness, that feeling of accomplishment, but I was actually more glad that the race was over. I was proud of myself not for completing a triathlon race itself, but for persevering the many moments I wanted to forgo. It was a strange feeling for I wasn’t super excited for finishing it (I was still really really happy though).


Well, there it is. My first triathlon. It was a lot more challenging than I expected, but that’s the reason why this experience was even more rewarding.