Right Now Wrong Then – Hong Sang Soo


This was my first Korea’s famous Hong Sang Soo film I’ve ever watched. “Right Now, Wrong Then” (지금은맞고그때는틀리다). Before watching this film, I consciously stayed away from any pre-information about this film so I could naturally take in the movie with fresh perspective.

I never felt so comfortable watching a movie. I normally search for meanings and symbols when I watch meaningful movies, but this one was just so natural and almost instinctive; rather holistic than semantic. This movie has taught me that a masterpiece of art doesn’t necessarily have to be a meticulously scheduled calculations of symbols. Escaping from the symbols that limit us, that makes emotions digital, actually allows us to become honest with ourselves. It enables us to take our ‘clever masks’ off.

Maybe art isn’t about going away from nature, but returning to it; and so are we humans.