Kunwoo Kim

Austria Day 8 – 03.19.2008


On the eighth day in Austria, and third day in Salzburg, my family went on the Sound of Music Tour, another Mozart’s Residence, and some monasteries. There was no concert planned for tonight (noooo!! :() But we did get to see lots of beautiful country sides and natures of Austria.

Sound of Music Tour

The Sound of Music Tour Bus came to pick us up in the morning. And I must confess, I have never watched the Sound of Music. The ‘Do Re Mi’ song was probably the closest I could get. Anyway the guide on the tour bus was quite funny and professional. He was nice to everyone even during free times.

We stopped by one of the many lakes near Salzburg. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I mean I thought these kinds of lakes and mountains only existed in Bob Ross’s paintings.

Next was Hellbruun Palace. I loved the lemon walls, a great color for spring. There was a Pavilion, where the main characters first met. Everyone eagerly took pictures when I stood a bit dumbfounded. I should’ve watched the movie before going on this tour.

Then we went to the Moon Lake City and had about an hour of free time. We visited the church where the Sound of Music characters were married, and ate some traditional apple pies. The lakeside house seemed like a perfect place to just take a break from the cities. Time here seemed as tranquil as the lake.

Mozart’s Residence

The bus brought us back to the Mirabell Palace. We stopped by the Trinity Church before heading off to Mozart’s Residence. The Residence was exhibiting Mozart’s petty belongings: his old cigarette boxes and his hair again haha, etc.

Mozart was such a huge culture in Salzburg. Everywhere we went had signs like ‘Mozart played this organ when he was fourteen; Mozart played the piano in this restaurant when he was eight; Mozart played for the bishops in this room.’ He seemed like a string that weaved Salzburg together. What an amazing person.

Mozart Plaza

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant because we couldn’t resist our craving for some Asian food. Give us Rice!! Can’t break the stereotype. After a satisfying meal, we went to visit some monasteries. The atmosphere at the nunnery was tacit and peaceful. We decided to skip the contemporary art museum at the bishop’s place (the two didn’t seem to go well together anyway). Instead we visited the Demel near the Mozart plaza and refreshed ourselves with some coffee and cake. The evening at Salzburg was again, beautiful.