Acoustic Monitoring System and Methods – US2013066647

Pub. No.:  WO/2014/120300
International Application No.:  PCT/US2013/066647
Publication Date07.08.2014
International Filing Date:  24.10.2013

Inventors:  WEST, James E.; ELHILALI, Mounya; EMMANOUILIDOU, Dimitra; KIM, Kunwoo; LUCIA, Peter; EKANEM, Victor; LEE, Hyesang;

Abstract: An electronic stethoscope includes an acoustic sensor assembly having a plurality of microphones arranged in an acoustic coupler to provide a plurality of pick-up signals. The electronic stethoscope also includes a detection system to communicate with the acoustic sensor assembly and to combine the plurality of pick-up signals to provide a detection signal. The electronic stethoscope also includes an output system to communicate with the detection system. The acoustic coupler uses a compliant material that forms an acoustically tight seal with a body under observation.

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