Loudspeaker Design

This is the first set of loudspeakers I built on my own in 2012.

I designed and built a crossover that separates incoming sound signals in different frequencies. The high frequencies become delivered to the tweeter, the mid frequencies to the middle woofer, and the low frequencies to the bottom woofer.

Then I got some wooden boards from Home Depot and got it cut into rectangular pieces. The wood shop was closed when I built them, so I cut the holes with a string saw (lots of mass!).

The enclosure was spray-painted with green and black. They were sprayed about three times to make the color to really show up.

Lastly, I filled the inside with acoustic cottons and soldered an aux cable that comes out from the back.


The final look of the loudspeakers


That rewarding moment after all the hard work

And………… the moment of truth!

I hooked a pre-amplifier to the speakers, and here is the result!

It sounded amazing. For me these were truly the best loudspeakers in the world!!

p.s. My friend ordered a custom puzzle set of the selfie above for my birthday present!