The Fisherman

The Fisherman: Last Will on Human Sentimentsis a perspective-driven audiovisual narrative in the medium of virtual reality (VR). The aim of this design is to provide an immersive environment for self-reflection, emotional exploration, and musical interactions.

The overall narrative of The Fisherman is the following. On the vast sea, you fish for objects that remind you of your past perspectives on different human qualities, then deliberate what each meant to you. Fishing each object allows you to enter a scene that aesthetically portrays the perspective it embodies. The fishing takes course shortly before entering your afterlife. It can be the moment when life flashes back in the brink of death, or the time when you are about to enter a significant change in life. Nonetheless, you organize your past by various perspectives, rather than by chronological history.

The Fisherman currently harbors three scenes: perspective on needs (My Little Hunger, My Greater Hunger), perspective on time (My Fractal Metamorphosis), and perspective on empathy (Your Wet Shoes in My Rain). Each scene consists of a unique environment infused with various kinds of audiovisual interactions, metaphors, and human sentiments. As the narrative progresses, each scene establishes a central musical theme pertinent to the message of each perspective.

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