About me


Kunwoo Kim (김건우)
– Scholar, Engineer, Musician, Traveler, Artist, Athlete –

   I am Kunwoo Kim. I was born in South Korea and I’m currently living near Seoul. I also lived in the US for about 12 years. I graduated from the Johns Hopkins University and now I am a researcher in acoustics engineering. My dream is to become a passionate scholar in the field of music and acoustics.

   Music has been an essential part of me since I could remember myself. I had vast interests in playing different instruments, but I stuck with playing the piano. My minor in college was in music, especially in piano performance. I was trained as a classical pianist, but then I switched to jazz piano for over two years now. I believe that music holds fundamental truth that makes us human beings, and that’s why we persistently engage with music.

   In the Research section, you can find the different research and projects that I have done as in music and acoustics. I am interested in pursuing music information retrieval, computational acoustics, auditory interaction between humans and machines, and other fun music related projects. I believe that music, deeply related with our symbolic mind, carries certain truth on the way we think, process, communicate, have fun, and socialize. My dream is to rationalize such truth and fascinate other people with its applications.

   Aside from my profession, my main interests are Traveling, art and sports. One of my dreams is to take time and travel around the world, but right now my military duty as a researcher is prohibiting me to leave my motherland for months. However, I realized that this would be a perfect opportunity for me to travel around Korea. I’ll be updating my travel stories on this website.

   Art is another hobby I have. I was doodling on a random paper one day, and thought to myself, ‘Wow, I suck at drawing.” That’s how I got into learning art, especially illustrations. My goal is to have enough skills to visually realize the weird ideas and imaginations that hover around in my head.

   And lastly, for Sports, I enjoy cycling, running, and swimming. And yes, it sums up to triathlon. I was a casual biker who loves to travel on a bike, but recently I got into the goodness of racing. I am an active member in a Korean sports team called NOEXCUSES.

   I hope you enjoy your time in my website. I like to share thoughts and communicate, so please follow me and leave comments. Thank you 🙂