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MIDI.CITI. is an audiovisual software that maps visual cityscape to audio parameters. Elements within the city control complexity of audio loop lines and granular synthesis parameters. As the music develops, the city becomes… Continue reading

The Fisherman

The Fisherman: Last Will on Human Sentimentsis a perspective-driven audiovisual narrative in the medium of virtual reality (VR). The aim of this design is to provide an immersive environment for self-reflection, emotional exploration,… Continue reading

rU01 & rU10 – SLOrk Performances

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Intrinsic Jazz

Intrinsic Jazz is a VR training tool for elementary qualities in jazz such as beat tracking, chord tracking, and solo line forming. [Introduction] Jazz brings a mix of improvisation, creative ideas, and collaboration among… Continue reading

Stria and Brain

Stria and Brain is a neurological visual representation of John Chowning’s Stria (1977). I recorded my brain waves using EEG while listening to the masterpiece. Then I used those brain signals to map… Continue reading

Music and Evolution: from Grunts to Songs

Music and Evolution: from Grunts to Songs is an abstract narrative game. You begin as an ape 6 Billion years ago. Exploring an abstract space called the White Womb, you interact with other… Continue reading

Sequentris (Music Sequencer)

Sequentris is a musical sequencer game, inspired by Tetris. There are three sequencers you can generate, melody, bass, and beats. You can generate melodies and bass in any pitch on the piano. For… Continue reading


SoundBulb is a sound visualizer program that takes microphone input in realtime. The filament of the lightbulb represents the time-domain of the realtime signal, and the rings flying around the bulb represent the… Continue reading

The Evolutionary History of Music

Evolutionary History of Music Kunwoo Kim – Music and Evolution 05/10/2011   Human evolution has been relatively rapid since the first breakoff from the apes 6 million years ago. Preparation for crossing the… Continue reading

Acoustic Monitoring System and Methods – US2013066647

Pub. No.:  WO/2014/120300 International Application No.:  PCT/US2013/066647 Publication Date: 07.08.2014 International Filing Date:  24.10.2013 Applicants:  THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY [US/US] Inventors:  WEST, James E.; ELHILALI, Mounya; EMMANOUILIDOU, Dimitra; KIM, Kunwoo; LUCIA, Peter; EKANEM, Victor; LEE, Hyesang; Abstract: An electronic stethoscope includes… Continue reading