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Right Now Wrong Then – Hong Sang Soo

This was my first Korea’s famous Hong Sang Soo film I’ve ever watched. “Right Now, Wrong Then” (지금은맞고그때는틀리다). Before watching this film, I consciously stayed away from any pre-information about this film so… Continue reading

2015.05.31 – Suwon Triathlon

Suwon Triathlon – Olympic Course My first triathlon competition! I always dreamed of competing in a triathlon race, so I originally planned for a year to get in shape. But one day, I… Continue reading

Deer and Time

Watercolor – imitation work Drawn by Kunwoo Kim


Watercolor pen – imitation work Drawn by Kunwoo Kim


Watercolor Pen Drawn by Kunwoo Kim

Standing in the Alley

Watercolor – imitation work Drawn by Kunwoo Kim

Comptine d’Un Atre Ete – from Amelie

Performed by Kunwoo Kim Video by Kunwoo Kim

Franz Liszt – Au bord d’une source

Au bord d’une source by Franz Liszt Performed by Kunwoo Kim @ Peabody Conservatory Music Room